Thank you for your interest in the work of Lloyd Mear and his Energy Balancing Manual.

All the numbers is this manual are numbers or frequencies that the body should already have with the exception of the ID (Identification) numbers. ID numbers are only used to identify an imbalance. To use this manual in the spirit that it was created it is recommended that you either know how to muscle test, dowse, or use a pendulum. The use of one of these techniques allows you to create a dialog with your subconscious mind to determine what frequencies you may be missing or frequencies that may be distorted. (You can still use the manual if you don't know these techniques by simply following the protocol of repeating the numbers 7 times 2-3 three times a day for 14 days, although results will vary because you are not determining whether or not you have the frequency already.)

Using the checklist at the end of the manual is a great way to start. Begin by asking if the numbers are present or not present. As in the case of chromosomes, Lloyd teaches that you are looking for missing pairs.   If you find any missing pairs you'd want to bring all the chromosome numbers online. Use the Utilizing Numbers page at the back of the manual for instructions on the various ways that you can download these numbers into the energetic body.

Using the checklist will give you a pretty good idea of what numbers you may be missing or are creating static.

Here are some of the things that Lloyd Mear has noticed in working with clients and their energy fields.

We are all born with certain frequencies. These frequencies come in at birth and there are 6 important frequencies that all come from promethium, Pm.

The Psoas muscle can be a storehouse for emotions, especially for women. Often when we work with clients using the Emotion Code or Body Code we find this to be the case.  Lloyd has developed a number that energetically balances the Psoas on page 130.

Psoas Muscle-emotional trauma elimination number 87689787487

That's just a taste of what's inside this amazing manual. Stay tuned as this page will be updated with ongoing information!

In addition, after purchasing the manual you'll gain access to over 3 hours of mp3s by Lloyd Mear discussing how he uses the original manual (published in 2008) in his practice. These audios were recorded in 2009 before the revised manual was published so although Mr. Mear references the page numbers in the original manual, the information is invaluable.

In the meantime, you may want to view this sample session with Lloyd Mear and Ethann Fox.

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